The Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU) was established in 1937. MAHU is a professional association whose membership is comprised primarily of professional health & disability insurance agents and brokers, and health & disability carrier and third party administrator representatives.
MAHU is a state chapter of the National Association of Benefits & Insurance Professionals (NABIP), which is located in Arlington, VA. Members participate in state and federal legislative and public policy development that is of mutual interest to our clients, the consuming public, our membership and to our industry. We also offer programs conducive to the professional and educational development of our membership and the greater health and disability benefits community.
The association conducts membership meetings throughout the year. These meetings consist of an hour and a half lunch, educational, and informational gathering. Continuing Education credits are offered at most MAHU events. In April of each year MAHU hosts the annual Benefits Conference, a full-day event and trade show, focusing on today’s issues, challenges and solutions for insurance brokers and carriers in Minnesota.
The board of directors meets monthly throughout the year.

MAHU’s Mission Statement
The Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU) is a collaborative association of insurance professionals, focused on securing long-term private sector health and benefits solutions through legislation, professional development, and consumer advocacy.

MAHU’s Vision Statement
MAHU is Minnesota’s preeminent organization for health insurance and employee benefits professionals.


  • To promote the common business interest of those engaged in health insurance and benefits management in Minnesota.
  • To advance and promote public knowledge for the need and benefit of private health insurance products.
  • To provide and promote a program of continuing education and self-improvement of MAHU members.
  • To increase the knowledge of members concerning the principles, functions and applications of health insurance products.
  • To promote education, legislation, regulation and practices which are in the best interest of the health insurance industry and the insuring public.
  • To build strong relationships with public health plans and public agencies to minimize the number of uninsured Minnesotans.
  • To be recognized as a leader in industry and public policy forums.
Code of Ethics
  • To hold the selling of health insurance as a profession and a public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige.
  • To keep the needs of my clients, prospects, and families paramount.
  • To respect and honor my clients’ trust in me, and never do anything which would betray that trust or confidence.
  • To not engage in any advertising, directly or indirectly, which may be false or misleading.
  • To exercise diligence in securing and submitting all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public I serve.
  • To consider the sale, service, and administration of health insurance and related products and services a career, to know and abide by the laws of any jurisdiction, Federal and State, in which I practice and seek to constantly increase my knowledge and improve my ability to meet the needs of my clients.
  • To be fair and just to my competitors, and to engage in no practices which may reflect unfavorably on me or my industry.
  • To treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by submitting applications which reveal all available information pertinent to underwriting a policy.
  • To extend honest and professional conduct to my clients, associates, fellow agents and brokers, and the company or companies whose products I represent.


Please contact the MAHU office at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering on a committee.